Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Magic House - Waterworks

We had another crazy day but very fun day because the Magic House came today!

Coloring our pictures of Moses and Pharaoh
 Waterworks by the Magic House!
Ready to listen. The first thing she told is was that we were going to learn about 2 things that are very important to us. She tried to give us some clues to guess what the were. They figured out the water first because it was on the table. Then she tried to get them to say air. She gave them clues such as, it is everywhere, all around us, we need it... The first guess was GOD! It took about 10 minutes into the program for the students to say God instead of air when she asked about 'air.'
Will the paper towels get wet?

The bottle had holes in the bottom but Nathan could stop it from leaking by putting his hand on top!

How is the card staying on the bottom of the jar? Surface tension

The balloon forced air into the bottle and made the water come out the spout

The tornado tube

We made insta-snow

the glove waved good-bye to us
 We made the trek over to the playground and enjoyed the fresh air.

Finished painting our pumpkins and cut them out to make pumpkins. Some made one big pumpkin and others made several small pumpkins.

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