Monday, October 14, 2013


Enjoying the playground

The boys worked together to fill the cauldron with rocks.
In our classroom we talked about how architects make the plans or blueprints for a construction project.

Mr. Debrick came over to show us the blueprints for the new school building!

The blueprints showed us what the new building is going to look like
We saw pictures of what it will look like from the front and inside.

We played with new tools
We also became architects ourselves and made our own blueprints using a ruler to help us make straight lines.

There are new blocks in our classroom for us to build with (Trio Blocks)

We also have a new center where we move the rocks from the quarry to the dump truck according to the number listed on the card. This center helps us practice counting and one to one correspondence.

The girls created a special door to the house.

We added new scoops, a truck, and a front end loader to the rock table

Nathan helped Mrs. Horton put together a new table that we will use later in the week for a center.

Class Photographer pictures by Liam taken while we explored the "Insta-Snow" given to us by the Magic House.

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  1. Great way to incorporate the building of the new school into learning! Melissa T.