Thursday, August 28, 2014

This week is the first week we have had the exploration table open. It has been very popular for many of our friends. In the exploration table we are learning to socialize and work with our neighbors as we share many of the same toys in a small amount of space. We also learn about volume and capacity of containers. Since Mrs. Helmkamp also has included colored buttons in the table we can also work on sorting by different characteristics.

Using the tulle to decorate the classroom

We are also quite creative with our fashion choices
 Another hot humid morning outside

We made sun catchers for our window. We added beads to the string. Beading is a good fine motor skill that helps us improve our pencil grips.

 We practiced spelling our names and writing them. Then we got to decorate it with stickers that we colored ourselves. Watching each child write their name individually helps me know how I can help each child improve their pencil grip to better form the letters of their name.

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