Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hot Tuesday

 This week is the first time to play in the exploration table. It was very popular for many of our friends. In the exploration table we are learning to socialize and work with our neighbors as we share many of the same toys in a small amount of space. We also learn about volume and capacity of containers. Since Mrs. Helmkamp also has included colored buttons and pipe cleaners we can also work on sorting by different characteristics. 

Emily searched and found lots of blue buttons. Everyone helped me collect the yellow buttons.

We had chapel today with Mrs. Kuhlmann. She walked us through the whole service and talked the 5 things we do at chapel: Sit, Stand, Speak, Sing, and Listen.
Every time we go to chapel a different student will get to bring the offering up to the front to place it on the alter.

In our large group time today we worked with our wooden pieces and made different shapes and designs.

 Some of us were able to make our first letters too.
 We decorated our names using daubers we had to be very careful not to squeeze them and get too much paint out.

We also made a list this morning of different things that we do at school. We will be using our ideas to make our own "Rocking in our School Shoes" book.

  • we play outside
  • we climb on the turtle shell
  • we pray
  • we wash hands
  • we sleep
  • we eat
  • we read
  • we sing
  • we dance

 We also had turns on the SMARTboard. Drawing pictures now will give us practice for using the writing tools later and helps us practice touching and moving things on the board.

Our school shoes bulletin board is finished, see if you can find your child's shoes and read their phrase about their shoes.

Since we went to chapel this morning we did not get to go to the playground. We went outside for just a few minutes before going to lunch.

 We found a shady spot to pick flowers.

In a very short time already we are getting pretty good at getting our cot sheets on and getting our cots setup for naptime.

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