Friday, August 22, 2014

First Friday

This morning we had a practice run through of fire drill. We waited outside while the alarm when off for the big kids. We will practice a few more times before practicing with the alarm.

Owen found some worms with one of his friends from last year who is in Miss Kirby's class

More worm seekers

They all waited in line to fill up with gas before taking a lap and doing it again

During small groups today some of us got a turn to write on the SMARTboard - next week we will  make sure everyone gets a chance.

We also made another class painting that we will hang on the wall. We had to practice squeezing gently on the paint bottles.

We got to go to the gym again today before getting ready for lunch

We work hard to get our cots setup. We are learning to ask our friends to help us with our sheet.

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