Monday, August 25, 2014

Hot, hot, hot

The temperatures today limited some of our large motor time today but we really starting to get the hang of the routine with few reminders throughout the day.

Today was the first day we had the exploration table open. It was very popular for many of our friends. In the exploration table we are learning to socialize and work with our neighbors as we share many of the same toys in a small amount of space. We also learn about volume and capacity of containers. Since Mrs. Helmkamp also has included colored buttons in the table we can also work on sorting by different characteristics.

It was very hot out this morning but the kids didn't seem to mind as they explored our outdoor classroom.

Keeping cool in the shade

We are getting much better at standing in a line.

During our small group time this morning we had a bit of an extended time since we the big kids were using the gym. We got to use the SMARTboard to draw.

We also decorated our names with paint daubers. We had to be very careful to dap them gently and squeeze them to keep from making a mess.

The tulle is great for decorating 

Working in the writing center

Lunch went very well today. We are learning that when we are done eating we can wait for our friends by socializing at the table.

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