Tuesday, August 19, 2014

First Tuesday

We had a great day today! A few of us had a rough start but no worries parents we were all smiles most of the day! This week we will primarily be working on learning the routine and figuring out what it means to be in school.

We had fun exploring the classroom during free choice time

Before heading outside for the all school picture we had a group picture in our classroom. (Today is the only day that we have a small number, every other day is 13-15 students.) Enjoy your new Zion T-shirt, we can all try to wear them together again on Bobcat Spirit Days (3rd friday every month)

Sitting in the Commons for snack

For group time today we used our Big Lines to do the Tap, Tap, Tap song. We had to follow directions and tap to the music.

In our small groups we colored out own shoes similar to "Pete the Cat" We also took pictures of our shoes, you can look forward to trying to figure out who's shoes are who's later.
 We also worked on an All About Me poster that we will hang in the hallway so that everyone can meet our class.

We had to measure how tall we are for our posters

In Jesus time we learned some of the songs we will sing in chapel next week.

For music time we got to sing lots of fun songs especially "Sticky, Sticky Bubble Gum"

Stick your hand to someone else's hand
We had lunch in the cafeteria with all the big kids.

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