Wednesday, August 20, 2014

First Wednesday

We are having a great start to our new year in preschool. This week we are primarily working on learning the routine and adjusting to full day preschool

We had lots of fun playing during free choice this morning.

We headed off for the playground

After recess time we read "Pete the Cat, I love my White Shoes" We had a discussion on how sometimes we get sad, mad, and angry and how it is okay and there are times where we just have to be like Pete and decide that things are okay and not get upset

 After snack we came back to the classroom for our small group time where we drew pictures of ourselves and made an "All About Me" poster

We also colored our own pair of shoes similar to "Pete the Cat"

In Jesus time we are learning some of the songs we will be sining in Chapel next week.
 After we did some other fun dancing songs we headed to the gym to play with balls and hula hoops

 We came back to our room and got our cots all setup for nap. We worked together to help each other get our sheets on.
 At Lunch

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