Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Practicing Names and Beading

We are still working on learning our routine this week so that all students know what to expect and can function more independently in the classroom.

We have letters we can use on our light box to make our names and other words.

Sitting down and having a meal together. Another important part of preschool is learning the social skills to work and play with other children especially children we don't know. 

It was another hot morning outside but we had fun playing before having snack.

 We used our wood pieces today to sing our "Tap, tap, tap" song. As we listen to the song we have to follow the directions and use our muscle control to stop tapping when the song tells us.

We also had a guessing and feeling game with the wood pieces where we tried to figure out which one was which in the bag.

In our classroom we we practiced spelling our names and writing them. Then we got to decorate it with stickers that we colored ourselves. Watching each child write their name individually helps me know how I can help each child improve their pencil grip to better form the letters of their name.

 We put colored beads on a string to add to the suncatcher in our classroom window.

We are always excited when we get to go to the gym to play on Monday's, Wednesdays, and Fridays

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