Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Planting Seeds

This morning we changed our schedule up just a bit because of chapel.

Students planted lettuce seeds so that we can watch our ow food grow.

In chapel this morning Mrs. Douglas shared with us the best message of all. Jesus Loves You!

We also took some time after snack to plant radish and leeks. We got to see how different the seeds looked.

This morning the teachers had a chance to work on assessment and students got to have a chance to play in Mrs. Hoehner's classroom with other students. Some of made some new friends.

Back in our classroom students finished adding stars to our poster to help us remember God's promise to Abraham.

Some students also painted coffee filters that we will use to make fall leaves.

Students got to glue their leaves on a stick. Soon you will see our artwork in the hallway on display.

Thank you to Mrs. Kuhlmann for coming in so that I could go home and take care of my sick child!

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