Monday, October 27, 2014

Menu making

We got a new table and chairs to use in our restaurant. Everyone was very eager to help clean them.

Outside time

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. It was great to have a fun birthday snack.

In our large group time we made some lists on what Menus are for and some questions that we want to learn as we play restaurants.

 In small groups students used letter beads to spell their name.

Each student also created their own Menu. Many students practiced writing the word "MENU" and everyone drew a picture of food they would have on their menu along with a price. (You will find some good deals in our restaurant along with some expensive food.

We also worked on our language skills by playing an "I Spy" game. With a partner one person said, "I spy something that is (green, round...)" and the other person had to guess what they were talking about. We had to practice find words to describe the items in the box when we gave our clues.

With Mrs. Schilling we traced our hands and we are going to use them for a project later this week.

 We had lots of fun with the balls in the gym. Many of them tried to see how many they could carry at once.

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