Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fall painting

Free Play time
Some of our friends use the name cards to practice writing their friends names.

During our free play time we started to attach our leaves we made earlier in the week to sticks for an art display.

Outside Time

One of the best parts of teaching preschool is seeing the students imaginations at work.

In our large group time we watched a video of the Very Hungry Caterpillar

In small groups we drew pictures of food we thought the caterpillar would like to eat. Then everyone tried their best to write the name of the food.

We also made a fun mobile to hang in our rooms with glow in the dark stars. We had to be careful to follow the pattern. Star, noodle, star, noodle, star, noodle (then we could add more noodles if we wanted).

We had fun checking out the new items in the exploration table.

We painted fall shapes that we will hang in the window.

In the gym we really enjoyed playing with the bouncy balls and chasing them around the gym.

Class photographer Brody's pictures

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