Tuesday, February 25, 2014


 We are learning the story of Zaccheaus this week. As I told the story everyone made their own Zaccheaus picture to remember the story.

We colored the tree and ripped paper for leaves and added in Zaccheaus
 We also did small groups today. One station was cutting and the other station was working on making the letters "W" and "V"
 One group worked on cutting starting with straight lines then moved to curved, zig zag, and shapes

 We practiced the sounds that each letter makes and the correct way to form the letter

We also tried spelling our names with the wood pieces

We played a bean bag game where we had to say the name of the person we were throwing to.

We practiced writing our names. Mrs. Helmkamp made sure that we were using correct letter formation and helped us with our pencil grips. Some of us wrote our names 4 times and had to write smaller and more carefully each time.

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