Monday, February 10, 2014

Blubber and Hearts

We started the morning by sorting candy hearts

Some of us also had to make our Valentines bags because of the Snow Day last Wednesday.

The girls got out the wood pieces to practice making letters

Last week we talked about how we stay warm, so we did a bit of an experiment today to find out how Polar animals stay warm.
First we put our hand in ice water to see how long it took for our hand to get cold. Most students lasted about 6 seconds before they pulled their hand out.
Next we used a special pouch to see if our hands stayed warmer. Everyone could have left their hands in for a very long time.

Some of us also painted with daubers to make a heart picture

We worked on counting and determining how many.

Sorting and then counting

After everyone had put their hands in the ice water. We talked about how blubber keeps polar animals warm..

Just like the blubber keeps polar animals warm, the Crisco kept our hands warm in the ice water.

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