Sunday, March 18, 2012

Press Here: Preschool Authors

In the last few weeks we have been reading a very fun book called "Press Here" The book engages the reader in the story by having the reader participate.
After reading the story several times we used our SMARTboard to look at at some of the "rules" of the book. We learned talked about what each direction resulted in. You can see our discoveries as follows.

Each student then worked on creating their own book. Each persons book will have at least 4 pages to the story and will have one direction on a page.
 Each student wrote the title on their own book and signed their name as the author.
Working hard making her book

We used the real book as a reference when we forgot what direction we needed

We aren't done with our stories yet but by the end of this week we should all be done. I am going to take sometime to bind the books for each student before sending them home.

This week we also worked on writing our name and doing our March self portrait.

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