Friday, March 9, 2012

Celebrating Lutheran Schools Week

Monday: Pajama Day
Clean painting

Squishing paint under the plastic wrap

Making Mat Man so we could draw him

Taking care of the baby
Playing dress up

Loving our PJs
 Tuesday: Bobcat Spirit Day
Enjoying the playground

Watch me

Cutting our painted plates into swirls

 Wednesday: Career Day
Enjoying the new road carpets

Fashion Show hosts

Audience (Confused about why they need street signs.)
Thursday: Grandparents Day/ Freaky Deaky Day 
Singing for our Grandparents




"God is Great"

Coloring flower pots

Cutting skills

Picture mosaics

Chocolate Chip cookies

WOW look at that teamwork

Counting puzzles

Searching for bugs
 Friday: Dress up Day
Counting and following directions

Make a cookie with that has the same number of chocolate chips as your age

Making our first letter with chocolate chips

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