Friday, March 2, 2012

National Lutheran Schools Week

Next week at school is a very exciting one. We are celebrating National Lutheran Schools Week with thousands of schools around the world.  The theme of NLSW this year is:

Securing Each Child's Future- Equipped
"Growing in Grace, Equipped of the Future"

See the following list to find out what special things will be happening this week!

  • Teachers will host coffee hour at church and do the readings at church
  • Check out all the students artwork in the church Welcome Center
  • Dress up day: Pajamas
  • May bring one stuffed animal or pillow
  • May wear slippers (please bring a change of shoes)
  • Ice Cream treats

  • Dress up day: Bobcat Nation Day
  • Zion Spirit wear or Red, White, and Black
  • Ice Cream Treats

  • Dress up day: Growing up in Grace/ Career Day
  • Dress for what you want to be when you grow up

  • Dress up day: Freaky-Deaky Day
  • Dress crazy, all mixed up
  • Grandparents Day (9:45-10:45)
Grandparents day is for all students starting at 9:45, Thursday students will still have regular class at 8 AM but we will be in Mrs. Stanglien's room in the main school because half day will have their Grandparent's Day in the Sonshine center starting at 8.

  • Dress up day: Dress your Best
  • Wear church clothes or regular school clothes
  • Early Dismissal at Noon, no lunch!
  • 1st-8th grade will have their Grandparents Day

Lutheran Schools Week also means it is time for:

The Scholastic Book Fair
You can check out the hours and selections at our Book Fair site

Lutheran Schools week also means it is time for the school art fair. Check out artwork from the whole school and especially our artwork in the Church Welcome Center.

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