Friday, March 2, 2012

No more sickness!

It was so great to have everyone back at school this week! We got lots of projects finished and started some new ones.
Sister helping brother build his own cage

Proud siblings
 This week we did some rotating centers to work on sorting and counting
Sorting by color

Making fingerprints to match the number

Count carefully

Matching color words as well

Working on puzzles
 In the gym this week we worked on throwing. On Tuesday we had a "snowball fight" with paper balls (pictures did not turn out). On Wednesday we worked on aim by throwing bean bags at the wall.
Some of the older students also worked on stepping when they threw

Can you hit the target?

Throw hard!

 In  Jesus time this week we learned the story of Jesus Blessing the Children. We talked about how God loves us because we are special.
We drew pictures of ourselves looking carefully in the mirror to make the detail correct

What color are your eyes?

We also painted spring trees to hang in the church for Lutheran Schools Week.

We tried a new kind of painting using shaving cream and liquid water colors. 
The paint made pretty swirls when we stirred it.

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