Saturday, March 31, 2012

Palm Parade

This week we learned about Palm Sunday. We started off the week by going on "Palm Parades" on the parade we looked for crosses. Since crosses remind us of Jesus when we found them we sang "Hosanna"

The nurses also came down this week to do our vision and hearing screenings. The nurses will contact you if they have any concerns. We thank Nurses Rudloff, Dummann, and Hugo for checking our eyes and ears.

Please remember that next week is a short week, we have early dismissal on Thursday at Noon and no school on Friday.

Easter Break- School will resume on April 16th.

Monday Palm Parade
Look our first cross on top of the church

Hosanna, Hosanna the little children sing

More crosses in the office: Hosanna, Hosanna for Christ the Lord is King

Mr. Debrick made his own cross for us to find on his head

Mrs. Mort in the church office had a lot of crosses for us to find

Leaving our palms by the cross to remind us that Jesus is the most important
(Final count was about 70 crosses)

We finished our "Press Here" books and they are bound and ready for us to read (we will take them home next week"

Wow look at that long car
It's bigger than you are!

Sorting shapes

Searching for the coins is our favorite

We like setting up the light table with special designs

We love coloring Mrs. Helmkamp has a hard time keeping enough coloring sheets in the writing center
Rock stars!

What are you going to build?

Golden eyes

Looks like a great meal
Tuesday Palm Parade
Looking for the first cross

There is a big cross on the church

Mrs. Adams had a lot of crosses in her office

Our palms at the foot of the cross.
(Final count was 62 crosses)

Coloring "Jesus is my King"

We also had to cut out each sign

We read the Rainbow Fish book by Marcus Pfister

We painted our own fish

Trying to move the log. They tried for about 5 minutes before realizing that they just couldn't do it

Reading our Press Here books to each other

We are excited about our new books

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