Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Week of the Young Child - Favorite Color Day

This morning we enjoyed sharing what our favorite colors were with what we wore to school. 
Wednesday - Zion Shirt Day (red shirt) (Special ice cream snack)
Thursday - Stripes (Special ice cream snack)

In Jesus time this week we are talking about Pentecost and how the Holy Spirit is with us to help us whenever we need help.

We were so busy during small groups that I forgot to take pictures. We worked on the letters Q and S, told castle stories, and did partner painting where we had to work together with a friend to collaborate on a painting. 

We were outside with only our class because the other classes were at the Botanical Gardens presentation. We are excited about our presentations on Wednesday and Thursday.

During center time we finished up our Mother's Day gifts, finished writing our stories, and posed for some fun bookmarks that Mrs. Helmkamp is going to make. We also are really enjoying playing in the sand table with the damp sand because we can make sandcastles!

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