Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Summer Safety

This morning in Jesus Time we learned the story of Peter healing the cripple. Peter used the power of God to heal the man. The man praised God after he was healed. We can also praise God for everything he does for us.

We are trying a little experiment to see how sunscreen protects our skin (if only the sun would shine so it will work)

We went to the school library to use the SMARTboard as we talked about summer safety.
When do you wear a helmet?

Not in the pool

Not in a boat

On a bike

We learned the Eyes, Ears, Mouth Rule for how our helmet fits. We will practice this rule with our bike helmets later this week.

 We talked about first aid and how to take care of a scrap or cut

We also identified times that we should wear sun screen.

We got to give our grass people a "haircut" (We talked about the importance of not giving ourselves a haircut) As our grass grows again you should be able to cut it at home.

Everyone played together really well today.

The class had a very large picnic

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