Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Bike Day!

We had a great time decorating our bikes

Mrs. Helmkamp helped us all use the Eyes, Ears, Mouth rule to make sure our helmets fit correctly.
Eyes: You should be able to see your helmet when you look up.
Ears: There should be a Y with the straps right below your ear.
Mouth: The straps should be tight enough that when you open your mouth the helmet pulls down and feels tight

 We are ready to go. We practiced looking both ways before we crossed the driveway.
 We had so much space to ride our bikes.

Back in the classroom we made our own First Aid kits with bandaids and antibacterial wipes.
We had to count out 4 bandages

and 2 wipes

 When we were done we zipped them closed and used markers to make a First Aid cross on the bag.

We could color our helmet pledges if we wanted to.

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