Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday's Theater

It was so amazing to watch the following group play develop. Not very often the the whole class decide to play together. Watching each child figure out their role in the action. See for yourself.
Today during the last 20 minutes of centertime, many of the preschoolers set up chairs and decided that they were going to the movies.
Soon they realized that they need movie snacks and Kenzie was quick to proved the food and drink services that were needed.
Gracyn, Jack, and Elaina decided that movie was Alice in Wonderland. They each picked their roll and began acting out their own seens. Soon they also included costumes as part of their show.

I hated to have them stop playing because they were having such a great time and working together so well, but we had to get ready for lunch. I can't wait to see if a similar situation develops again soon.

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