Friday, January 21, 2011

Preschool Primaries

This week we got to do an icy Clifford Magazine. We learned that water freezes into ice. We also practiced writing the letter "I"

Below you can see our campaign speeches that we made to our classmates.

We also started our Primary Election to narrow down our choices for our final vote.

Each student got 2 pieces of paper to write their name on. Then they got to tape their paper on the wall under the picture of their choice.

Next week we will prepare for the official election by making voting booths, election signs, and American flags.

If anyone has some Patriotic decorations that they would be willing to lend us for 2 weeks we would really appreciate the decorations.

This week in Jesus time we talked about Jesus calling the disciples. We learned that a disciple is someone who follows Jesus. Jesus calls us to follow him too!

Note about Valentines: I know Valentines day seems to be pretty far off, but I wanted to remind you that we will have parties for Valentines day and the children will get to pass out Valentines to their classmates. Signing Valentines cards is a great time for preschoolers to practice writing their name. If you have them sit down and do 2 or 3 a night they will be able to get them all done in a couple of weeks without it being a difficult task. Please just fill in To: "My Friend" or leave the "To" blank. It is much easier for the kids to pass out their Valentines if we don't have to read who each Valentine goes to. Starting in February we will have a total of 29 students in Full Day Preschool.

'John 3:16 displayed as God's love letter - Valentine' © Adrian van Leen used with permission Creative Commons License

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