Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year

It has been exciting to get back to school and get back to a normal routine. We had a lot of fun in our classroom this week playing with some new toys. We now have a set of Lego's in our room that we have really enjoyed putting together.

We now have also had fun playing with the new doll house.

Mrs. Helmkamp has been most excited about bringing in some toys that she used to play with as a kid. When I was home over Christmas I was able to find my old "Lite Brite" as well as my sister and my husband's. The kids have really enjoyed seeing the colored pegs glow. It is also a great fine motor activity since they have to use a pencil grip to push the pegs into the board.

This week we have had some fun with some snowy projects.

We looked at pictures of snowflakes and found out that they are symmetrical.
We can't wait for the next time it snows to see real snowflakes up close. In the mean time we made our own practicing symmetry.

We also worked on some math skills (sorting size and color and patterns) on the SMARTboard.

We read the story Snowmen at Night and made our own snowmen using balloons to paint the body and adding our own details. Then we wrote stories about our snowman.

New Book orders went out this week. They will be due on January 14th. To order go to: Scholastic our classroom code is: GPGJT
Milk Money Project
Thank you to everyone who helped us raise money for the children in Indonesia. We earned over $1300 dollars!

Donuts for Dads
January 20th starting at 7 AM Dads are welcome to join their children for breakfast in the gym. We will start class at 8 AM then we will be joining K-8 for chapel at 8:10. Please join us for this special chapel service.

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