Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Week

Well it was interesting week of school this week. I hope that everyone enjoyed their snow days. I am very thankful that we were still able to have our Election.
To prepare for the election first we made signs telling each other to "Vote" and "Election Today." Then we decorated our voting booths and we were ready to go.
Each student had to sign the Voter Registration sheets, where they had to find their name and then write it in the box.

Then they could take their ballot to the booth and make their choice between:
1. Restaurants
2. Space
3. Music
4. Bodies

Next they placed their ballot in the box.

Next week we will graph the results!

Valentines Party update. We will have our parties on 3 days again just like Harvest Party and Christmas Party. We will have parties on Tuesday(Feb 8), Wednesday(Feb 9), and Thursday(Feb 10). The parties will start at 9:30 and end at 10:30. Students can bring Valentines to pass out to their friends. We now have a total of 30 students in full day preschool. Please remember when making Valentines Cards that you should only fill out the "From:" that way it doesn't matter which bag we place the cards into. Students will make Valentines bags at school to receive their Valentines.

Auction Round Up is starting. Please check your child's folder to find out what this is all about. The School Auction is a very important fundraiser for our school and a wonderful evening for all who attend.

Grandparent's Day is on Thursday, March 10th of Lutheran Schools Week. More information will go home next week about Grandparent's Day. Please mark it on your calendar!
Scholastic Book Orders New fliers were sent home this week for Scholastic. If you would like to order this month orders are due February 14th. Classroom code is GPGJT

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