Sunday, November 27, 2011


Thanksgiving Feast
It was fun to watch the popcorn popping

Mrs. Stanglein's class invited us to a feast in the main school

We had fruit, popcorn, and pumpkin muffins

It was fun to celebrate with our friends in the other class

Afterwards we got to play for a little while

New toys

On Wednesday we had a feast in our classroom with Mrs. Hoehner's class
We enjoyed popcorn and a pumpkin dip with graham crackers

After our feast the preschoolers got to help decorate the tree

Everyone was very excited to help

Adding the star to the top

The boys made cars out of the flexiblocks
They drove them all around the classroom. The only problem was that they kept breaking apart

Playing with the Nativity 
I made a necklace

We love climbing

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