Saturday, November 5, 2011

Geo Dome

Picture from last week that I forgot to post but couldn't leave out!
Acting out David and Goliath
 We are very excited about out new playground piece. The box arrived last week and we were very excited to put it together.
 On Tuesday the student got to assist in putting it together, handing us the right pieces, washers, and nuts, they also helped tighten the bolts using the wrench and socket wrench.
It took 2 recesses to get it all put together.
 We were most excited when it was done and we could climb on it.
 Watching the kids work on their large motor planning and figuring out how to climb to the top has been very interesting to watch.
 Activities this week!
Cutting small, medium, and large tape

Water table fun
Sewing a harvest time collage. Check them out in the lobby.
We even worked on a group collage
The "princesses" are building their castle.
Enjoying a book on the SMARTboard while everyone uses the bathroom before naptime
Cots are set up and ready for nap.
Taking off shoes, we have been working on making sure we take care of our stuff and putting it where it belongs especially our coats and shoes when we come in from outside.
These to played in the doll house together through all of center time. They had quite the imaginative play going on.

Using our magnet boards to work on forming letters.

Important Things:
The Magic House is coming on Monday and Tuesday for our first in school field trip.  I can't wait to find out what kind of fun things they are going to bring for us to do! I will be sure to post pictures on Monday and Tuesday for you to see. I will also post through our Twitter account. Follow us at to see the updates right away.

Muffins for Moms is Wednesday morning. Mom's can join us for breakfast in the school gym on Wednesday morning anytime from 7 AM until school starts. We will start school in our classroom but we will be joining the rest of the school for Chapel at 8:10 in the church. Mom's are invited to join us for chapel. If you have other students in the school you can all sit together if you would like. After chapel we will continue with a regular day of school.

Scholastic fliers did not make it home this week but you are still welcome to check out the fliers online (they will go home on Monday and Tuesday). Please have orders in by November 12, I will rush the order this month to try to get it before Thanksgiving. I will have orders in early December as well! Remember our class code is GPGJT.

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