Saturday, November 12, 2011

Music and Christmas

This we week we continued our music and instruments project by going to the church music room to watch the 5th grade beginner band practice with Mrs. Thoelke. The were practicing for the Christmas concert. We saw...
the Tuba
a flute
French horn
percussion (drums, triangle, and jingle bells)
It was kind of loud but we enjoyed it.
Thank you Mrs. Thoelke for letting us join you.
We also listened and explored different instruments using the SMARTboard.
Using the iPad and iPod touch.
This week we also worked on a multi-step Christmas project that you will be able to view on Artsonia by the end of the weekend. (We had to do it early to give you time to order special items for Christmas)
Step 1: Tissue paper background.
Step 2: Painting paper for the tree. We got to mix green and yellow paint to make a different color green. Then we used a scrapper to make it look like evergreen branches.
Step 3: After it dried we cut out a triangle shape to make the Christmas tree.
Step 4: Add glue in stripes across the tree and sprinkle glitter. 
Step 5: Squeeze small drops of glue on the paper (good practice in control, it is a lot of fun to just squeeze the glue into big globs)
Step 6: Add sequins for ornaments
Dress up fun
Many layers of fabric make a beautiful dress

Tying up the princess so that she can pretend to save her in a few minutes
 Important Information:

Book Orders are due on Sunday. I know this was a bit of a short timeline but I want to make sure we get them back before Thanksgiving break. If you would like to order please due so online at our class code is: GPGJT

Thanksgiving Food Drive Monday and Tuesday are the last days for the Thanksgiving food drive. We are collecting non-perishable Thanksgiving foods that will be used to create meals to be giving to the seminary students at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis. Many of the students don't get the chance to go home to see their families for Thanksgiving. The Student Council is also using our offerings for the month of November to go out and buy turkeys to include in the meals!

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