Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pizza Making

To prepare for our pizza making experience first we created our own pizzas with paint and paper. We also made lists of the ingredients we would need to make pizza. Each student wrote their name and the things they would need. We also watched a few videos on making pizza to help us know what we needed to do. Here are the links to the videos we watched:
We used biscuit dough for our crust. We followed the example from the video to sprinkle flour on our dough so that it wouldn't stick
We added our own toppings from the lists we made.
"We can add as much or as little cheese as we want, that is what they said on the movie, " Elliot stated.
We really enjoyed eating our own pizza. We are great cooks!

New Book Orders: Have gone out this week. Orders will be due on April 11th. To order go to Our class activation code is: GPGJT

Please check out the post above about Week of the Young Child coming up in two weeks.

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