Thursday, October 7, 2010

Busy Week

It has been a very busy week in preschool trying to get all of the Dial Screenings done. The students have really enjoyed doing the screening and getting to spend some extra time with the teachers and Mrs. Kuhlmann. Even though it is a very long process to every child screened it has been very rewarding and I think that you will find it helpful. Please keep all the teachers in your prayers as we score the screenings and prepare for Parent Teacher Conferences.

This week we enjoyed something new to explore in our sand table. The sand is gone and we have replaced it with a lot of bird seed. We are even working on being helpers by cleaning up our own messes we make in the bird seed.

We were also excited to get some new bird feeders out in out on our playground. One out on a pole and a suet feeder out on our fence.

In Jesus time this week we learned a story two good friends in the Bible, David and Jonathan. We also talked about to be a good friend to others and how Jesus in our friend.

Chapel on Thursday was very exciting. Pastor Rouland brought Elmo with him to share the story about the 10 lepers. Poor Elmo was confused and thought it was the story of the 10 leopards. But the kids and Pastor helped him realize that the word is lepers. They also learned that after Jesus healed the lepers only 1 came back to say thank you. Elmo shared with us things that he likes to say thank you for.

Scholastic Order
I will submit the orders on Saturday. If you haven't had a chance to order for October you still have one more chance. If you need the order information please check an older post.

Fundraiser Pick up
Don't forget that fundraiser pick up is Wednesday after school. You will be able to pick up orders in the school gym.

Fall Fun Festival
The early childhood fall fun festival will be on October 16th from 9:00-10:30 in the Sonshine Center. Kids are welcome to wear their costumes and have some fun with some great fall activities. At the end students will parade through the building to get candy.

Parent Teacher Conferences
Conferences will take place Thursday, morning, afternoon and evening and Friday morning. If there is a time that works better for you. Please email me by Tuesday, Oct 12. Teachers will schedule conferences and let you know by the end of the week what your time is.

Next week
I hope to finish our birds (we didn't get much done with screening this week) and to make our own bird feeders. I finally found a recipe that doesn't require peanut butter!

Please keep bringing in bird books. A few people founds some great ones at the library. The kids love seeing the pictures of the birds.

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