Wednesday, September 29, 2010


We finally have other birds using our bird feeder. We started seeing 3 little birds at our feeder this week. They must be hungry because they have eaten about 5 inches worth of seed from the feeder. I was finally able to get a picture at the end of the week, so next week we are going to try to figure out what kind of bird it is.

We will use our new iPad (thanks to donations from our Technology Launch Party) and the iBird app for each student to look up what kind of bird they think it is. We also got 2 more iPod Touches so we will be sharing them with the other preschool classroom and more students will get time to practice letter formations, patterns, one to one correspondence and more.

We also created our own birds this week using our shoe print and hand prints! It involved a lot of cutting to it was some great practice. They are really cute, not everyone got a chance to finish so we will finish next week.

We learned 4 things about birds.
1. They lay eggs
2. They have wings
3. They have skeletons or bones
4. Most importantly they are the only animals that have Feathers!

Then we sorted animals in to 2 groups: birds and other animals

Mrs. Masa, Mrs. Kuhlmann, and myself worked on the Dial-3 testing. We got through most of Mrs. Masa's classes and a few of our class this week. We will continue testing. The assessment is time consuming but it is a great evaluation of where your child is at this point.

At parent teacher conferences in a few weeks we will sit down and view the results together. All of the teachers at Zion will get together on October 13th to schedule conferences. If you have multiple children at Zion we will work the schedule out for you. Preschool will hold conferences all day Thursday and also on Friday. If there is a time frame that works better for you please let me know by Tuesday, October 12th.

No School-- Friday, October 8 Teachers will be attending the Lutheran Elementary School Association of St. Louis in-service at St. John's Ellisville.

Bird Resources
We need more resources for our birds project! If you have any collections at home such as feathers, eggs, or pictures please bring them in to share with the class. If they are delicate we will do our best to take special care of them. We also need more books about birds. Please check out your local library we could use story books or just books that have some great pictures of birds including guide books or information books.

I forgot to email last week so please make sure you check the post from last week to find the resources about book orders.

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