Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bird Project Begins

If you would like to know how to attract birds to your bird feeders at home ask your kids. They have some great ideas about how we can get birds to our seed feeders. Some of them include:

Gabi- Put nests out.
Ali- Hang the feeders in the trees.
Katelyn- Hang up different feeders
Kenzie- Put bird toys outside
Elaina- Find out what kind of food
Grace M.- Put flowers out for them
Jack- Tweet for the birds to come
Gracyn- Get squeaky toys

Next Week we will research and test some of these ideas!

We finally finished our VoiceThread about what we do at school. You can see it in the next post. However I did realize that I am missing a few things, (we don't have a picture of us eating lunch or at Jesus Time sorry). Not everyone did a recording but everyone participated making comments. Please make your own recording to your students or ask them questions that we could go back and answer. Please feel free to send the VoiceThread link to other relatives for them to make comments.

Launch Party Tonight!
I hope to see a few of you at the launch party tonight. Please remember that you needed to RSVP to attend and that it is an adults only party. We are very excited to showcase the technology at Zion. If you aren't attending you can check out the new Zion website at about 8 PM on Friday! Or follow us on Twitter @zionbobcats

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