Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A short week, but we still stayed busy. We had fun walking around campus and finding places to put our bird feeders. Hopefully in a few weeks we can walk around and see if the birds have enjoyed our treats.

We have started to notice that the birds are eating from the feeder that is hanging in our tree, but we haven't seen them come any closer.

In one of our books that we read the kids were curious about the peacock. We searched in on Google to find a picture of a peacock with its feathers down. The kids were interested in how different the peacock looks.
We practiced writing our names using the SMARTboard. We also made some leaf rubbings.

Kindergarten Buddies
Kindergarten will be our buddies this year. Throughout the year we will get together with them several times with them to build relationships with each other. On Wednesday, the kindergartners came down to our classroom to sing with us. We sang a couple of songs that we both knew and they helped us learn a new song "Daniel and the Lions Den" which went along with our Bible story.
Check out the video of us singing together:

Harvest Party Next week Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we will have our Harvest Parties. Each day we will have a different party lead by a different room parent. The parties will take place from 9:30-10:30 each day. Parents are welcome to come help and enjoy the parties along with your child.

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