Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Self portaits

Nathan and Nicholas worked together to complete the picture. They were very proud when they finished

Gavin and Brody used their engineering skills in the beginning of the day in the block center.

During Jesus Time we learned how God took care of the animals by creating their homes and food first. He cares for us by giving us everything we need.

Working on motor control and planning as they figure out how to climb.

Nicholas likes pushing the monster trucks around.

Brady and Nathan work together to collect the chalk.

We all had turns with iPads today, some worked on puzzles and others played Memory.

We are continuing to work with our names and glue control.

We are also developing a positive image of self creating our self portraits. We are also working with scissor control.

Lots of fine motor work as Nathan works in his name.

Grace enjoyed painting another picture.

So did Addie

Gavin is cutting yarn for his hair.

Grace and Audrey are busy

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