Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fire Drill

We practiced our fire drill today. In case of a fire we will exit out the back door and meet in the lobby of the Jr. High building. (We got to see the big kids while we practiced)

It was very hot outside but we still managed to have a good time outside before chapel.

Grace and Audrey searched the playground for the stray pieces of sidewalk chalk
Addie and Alex were playing some of the girls from another preschool class. (They were declaring it a girls club)
Dominic is having fun with the big ball.
Brody looks like he is so comfortable that he could go to sleep
David is working hard to balance on the stump
After chapel we got to work in the classroom.
Many of us took turns on the iPads. Caleb and Alex are putting together puzzles
Caleb, Grace, and Audrey played together with the animals. They turned the shelves into their homes.
Dominic is working on his name.
Liam discovered a new app that helps us learn numbers, letters, shapes, and colors
Using lots of fine motor skills to decorate our names.
Dominic is working on a puzzle, while Chloe and Addie play in the dramatic play in the background

Class Photographer, Dominic's Photos

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