Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sense of Sight

(Trouble downloading pictures. I will upload them on Monday)

This week we used our sense of sight to play some I spy games. We also used our eyes to do some still life paintings. You can check out the paintings in the hallway. We also made "I spy" bottles to play with, each bottle contains the letters of each child's name and other fun objects to search for.

This week we will be completing our May portfolio pages. The Miss Julie from the library will be coming to read to us.

Up coming Events for the last week of school: May 20-22nd

No hot lunch program during the last week of school!

Special Lunch: On Monday and Tuesday (May 20 and 21) we will have McDonald's Chicken nuggets and fries for lunch, thanks to our room parents being so frugal with our class party money! If students don't like McDonalds nuggets they will need to bring their own lunch. Students will need to bring their own drink.

Bike Days: On Monday and Tuesday we will also have a bike day. We will take special time at school to ride our bikes, talk about bike/summer safety, and make sure our helmets fit well. Students need to bring a helmet!  If students are at school both Monday and Tuesday we will store the bikes in the classroom or locked shed.

Preschool Park Day: Thursday May 23rd from 9-11 at Laurel Park. We will enjoy some fellowship together on the playground and have a small snack. Families are welcome. We will try to all meet at 10:40 under the pavilion to hear the kids sing some favorite songs and say our goodbyes.

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