Sunday, May 6, 2012

Our sense of Taste

This week we learned about our sense of taste. 

First we had to discover the kinds of tastes that our tongue could taste.  We used Q-tips to taste salt water, lemon juice, unsweetened chocolate, and sugar water.
After tasting each we made a list on the SMARTboard of foods that had that taste.

The "bitter" chocolate was not very good.
I think they all thought of chocolate a little different after that taste
After the bitter we all had to go get a drink to wash the taste away

But everyone liked the sugar water

Sweet is a much better taste than bitter

We especially like sweet candy like suckers
To explore our taste on Tuesday we tried 3 different kinds of juices and mixed them to make our own popsicles

Eating the popsicles was the best part

Although it was soooo hot that they melted quickly
We enjoyed some time on the big playground while Mrs. Helmkamp observed our running, skipping, and galloping
Getting a boost to try to climb the pole

Everyone wants up but Mrs. Helmkamp and Mrs. Schmidt won't help lift them up so they have to figure it out on their own

You are getting close! 
(sorry no picture) We had a sweet, salty, and sour snack of applesauce, Buggles, and sour candy. Some of us loved the sour candy and others were a little less willing to try it.
On Friday we had some Jelly Belly taste tests
First we had to draw a picture of the jelly bean

When everyone had their picture then we tasted them all together

Then we tried to guess what kind of taste we were tasting

Then we used our labels to identify the jelly bean we colored

The least favorite Jelly Belly was the buttered popcorn.

Most of us liked the Cappuccino (coffee), lemon, and cotton candy flavors 

Others figured out how to get past the tastes they didn't like!

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