Friday, September 23, 2011

Important notes

School Pictures- Picture retake day is Monday morning. If you want retakes please make sure to bring in your old pictures so we can return them to Interstate Studios. If your child has not had a school picture taken yet we will take them on Monday.

"Peanut Free" reminder- Please remember that we are peanut/peanut butter free. There are have been a few things in lunches that we can't have in the classroom such as peanut granola bars and Butterfingers (in the lunchables).

Chapel- Chapel this week is on Monday.

Chapel Offerings- Our mission project for this year is Giving Gardens. Giving Gardens is a mission project sponsored by Wheat Ridge Ministries. The money we collect will provide seeds for food for the people of Haiti along with education on how to grow the seeds. The food will help feed the families and provide them a source of income.

Artsonia- You should have all received an email from Artsonia a few weeks ago. The email helps you set up an account to view your students artwork online. You can also invite family and friends to view your child's artwork. Through the account you can also purchase different items with your child's artwork on it.  If you didn't receive the email please let me know and I can manually resend your email.

Family Movie Night- Zion Early Childhood teachers are hosting a preschool and kindergarten movie night Friday October 7th at 6 PM for families of Zion students in preschool or kindergarten. We will offer 2 different choices of Veggie Tales movies as well as popcorn and water. You are welcome to bring your own "peanut free" snacks and drinks.

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