Friday, September 16, 2011

Busy Week

Getting our wiggles out with Mrs. Adams before she reads us a story.  Thank you for coming to our classroom and sharing a book with us and answering our questions:
Why do you work in the office? Answer: Because I love talking to your Moms and Dads on the phone
Why do you come in the office every day? Answer: Because everyday Moms and Dads and Grandparents have questions and I like to help them.
What do you like to do in the office? Answer: I like talking to the students and parents and typing
What is your favorite part of working in the office? Answer: I like talking on the phone (Hello this is Zion Lutheran School)
What is your least favorite? Answer: When done of the kids are at school in the summer.

Painting some beautiful pictures (see them soon on Artsonia)

Playing in the kitchen (I think the pet is caged up in the corner??)

Playing with play dough and making a family

Our last scavenger hunt led us to Pastor Rouland relaxing in his office
Thanks for letting us come and visit

Enjoying building a tower together and taking turns to knock it down

Since it was rainy on Wednesday we got the chance to go and play in Mrs. Heohner's room

Mr. Debrick came down on Thursday morning and played with us outside

Digging in the rocks with our principal

Can you believe that he can even hula hoop?

We made recordings on a VoiceThread (see other post)
We are learning good school lunch manners

and working on remembering to eat lunch instead of just talking

After lunch on Thursday Mr. Marolf came down and played lots of games with us, like hide-n-seek.

You can hide from us Mr. M

The girls enjoyed pushing  him around on the trike.

Making patterns with leaves to hang on the ceiling.

Thursday continued to be exciting as we went to the 5th grade classroom after nap to help them celebrate "International Dot Day"
They worked with us on the computers to make dot pictures. 
We are enjoying the nice weather outside. They made a "fire" and wer roasting marshmallows (balls)

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