Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring is here

It has been so wonderful to get to spend so much time outside this week. The students have really enjoyed picking flowers, collecting rocks, swinging, and riding bikes.

This week we painted in the style of Andy Warhol and
recreated his painting Flowers 1964.

The Process: We looked at his paintings
online and saw what colors he used. We decided that the background looked like grass with green and black.
  1. We painted our entire page green.
  2. We painted right over the green with black
  3. We use a popsicle stick to make swishingmovements like blades of grass.
  4. We used flower shaped sponges to paint four flowers on the grass.
You can see their latest artwork at the Lutheran High School Fine Arts Festival this Saturday. There will be music competitions for the older children and our artwork along with the artwork of the rest of the school and other Lutheran schools in the county will be on display.

Check out the previous post to see our reflections on our pizza making project last week.

We also did our Clifford magazine which talked about the colors of Spring. The older preschoolers who are getting ready for Kindergarten next year worked on the Clifford magazine in a large group to help them get ready for following directions in Kindergarten.

Make sure to ask your child how to make sign "rainbow;" in our Clifford magazine we learned how.

Scholastic orders are due Monday
Week of the Young Child April 10th. Please join us in this Sunday in the reserved pews in front of church as we worship together to start off the week.

For other special activities and dress up days please see the post from last week.

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