Sunday, October 2, 2011

More marble painting this week. Working on body control

Working together to do marble painting adds another difficulty. Find our new artwork pieces on the wall in our classroom.

The girls really enjoyed some new balls. They cheered for different students as they bounced on the balls.

After decorating rainbows that were already drawn some students made their own is a great website to practice our alphabet

We all demonstrated our cutting as we cut out a square.

We went to the gym twice this week the first day we played catch with some funny shapes and animals.

Since we have learned about Noah we acted it out as well. We had fun pretending to be Noah's family and all of the animals.

On Wednesday in the gym we pretended to be different kinds of animals escaping from the gym. Here you can see us stretching tall to be giraffes.

Since it was so nice outside on Thursday we took some paints outside to enjoy the weather.

Watch us singing one of our prayers before lunch. "The Superman Prayer"

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